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Viomi kids Stainless Steel Vacuum Cup and Thermos 600ml

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Product Type: Thermos

Vendor: Viomi

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Special Designed water bottle for your special little one.

 Main Features:

 -Multifunctional Design and Gadgets

 Includes colourful bottle size carry bag, ,

Suitable for different occasions.


-Efficient Thermos ability

When pouring in 100°C Hot water, within a room temperature of 20°C, sealed and stay for 12 hours, the internal temperature can stays over 45°C.

When pouring in 0°C Cold water, within a room temperature of 30°C, sealed and stay for 6 hours, the internal temperature can stays below 10°C.




Important Notes:

This water bottle has the ability to sustain heat for a period of time. MAKE SURE the water temperature is not higher than 45 Degree Celsius while drinking, injury may occurs if otherwise.

ONLY USE the water with the temperature suitable for children to drink when using to contain hot water.

DO NOT USE straw if drinking hot water above 45 Degree Celsius. High internal pressure caused by high temperature may cause water contained being spurt out when opened and deals damage.