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Qicycle Mountain Bike

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Product Type: Cycle

Vendor: Qicycle

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-Shimano® Hydraulic Brake System

Due to the nature of hydraulic fluid does not compress or flex, it is considered higher performance when compare to traditional mechanical braking systems.


-11 speed Gear Change System

Wide crankset with narrow teeth, better for continuous gear shifting action with lower chain shedding.

Single front crankset design, lighter, simpler and more durable when compare to traditional front multi-crankset. Lower the chain shedding while increase the transmission efficiency.


-Low Position Main Frame Design

Easy to get on and off, more enjoyment for the ride.


-Inner Wire Lining Design

Defy the traditional impression of exposed mountain bike linings. New design that conceals wires within the body frame.


-Aluminum alloy frame

Aluminum alloy main frame, light weight while durable.


-Lockable oleo strut front fork

Lockable oil hydraulic shock absorber, suitable for varies situations.

 **Due to the big size of the product, the shipping fee of the product is calculated base on the size. The actual product weight(include packaging) is 15kg.

**Due to the incompatibility of the GPRS Module in Australia, This model does not include the GRPS Locating Module.