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MaxHub Smart All In One Interactive Touch Screen Display Classroom Conference Panel Standard



Product Type: Electronic

Vendor: Maxhub

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Maxhub X3 Standard UHD (4K) Touch Screen Display with Anti-Glare Glass and narrow bezel.


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✅Advanced IR technology with TWENTY Touch points, built-in Android 7.0.

✅Wireless Screen Sharing & Conferencing from iOS, Andriod, Windows and OSX built in.

✅Compatible with SM01 USB Wireless Dongle.

✅ 1 x 8MP built-in camera, 6 x array microphones, U shape wall-mount bracket included.

Product Features

4K ultra HD display, Ultra-thin and ultra-narrow appearance; front physical key; front USB

ports automatically switches with the channel

Self-designed Android system; Built in smart core and operating system 3 Optional, detachable ultra-thin PC module 수 Touch technology

1) Resistant to optical interference (use as usual under direct sunlight)

2) The touch algorithm is highly optimized; rapid response, fluent in writing& demonstration 3 Integrated display, touch-control, intelligent core system

1) HD image processing engine

2) Intelligent display chipset, intelligent Android operating system 3) Annotate in any input channel

In standby mode, to wake up intelligently HDMI input Support wireless transmission screen function

Support Wi-fi dual frequency 2. 4G/5G(Match S102 to achieve WI-FI functionality

Support one network cable for dual system network; one WI-FI for dual system network


Memory channel function; boot into the home page by default

One key to energy-saving mode (Energy saving and environmental protection) 4 Pass EMC test (Meet the requirements of the applicable CE directives

Environmental adaptation (rigorously tested by 0C-40C environmental simulation

The MaxHub Smart All In One Interactive Touch Screen Display Classroom Conference Panel Standard is evocative, to say the least, but that's why you're drawn to it in the first place.

Inventory Last Updated: Sep 29, 2020