8H Hyperbolic Neck Protective Memory Foam Pillow H1 Pro


Product model:  H1Pro
Product specifications :  57×35×11/9cm
Packing size:   36.5CM×15.9CM×18.4CM
Pillow material:  polyurethane
Outer pillowcase front/back: 85% cotton 15% polyester fiber
Side: 100% polyester fiber
Inner pillowcase :  100% polyester fiber


1. The inner pillowcase is made of non-chemical antibacterial fabrics, and the inner groove-shaped fiber section can quickly discharge the liquid and moisture generated during sleep. And adding Silver inside silver-based antibacterial substance, can effectively antibacterial, bring you peace of mind into your dreams.

2. The side of the pillowcase is made of Ⅹ-903D breathable technical fabric. The double-sided mesh has a three-dimensional hollow structure inside. Negative oxygen ions can flow freely between them, bringing more air interactions, expelling waste heat and moisture from sleep, and sleeping dry and clear.

3. The pillow coat is made of a new generation of composite technology fabrics, which is made of DuPont sorona environmentally friendly fiber and cotton Blum spinning yarn, giving the fabric a soft texture like a cloud, and enjoyment of the vision. The ingenious composite performance greatly enhances the resilience and stretchability, lint-free and ball-free, durable and not easily deformed, and feels softer and more delicate.

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8H Hyperbolic Neck Protective Memory Foam Pillow H1 Pro

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