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SOOCAS -- Innovation is the dogma(part 2)

SOOCAS -- Innovation is the dogma(part 2)

As mentioned in the previous post, SOOCAS have reached its first major milestone by receiving the IF Design Award in 2018.
SOOCAS products received IF Design Award 2018
By receiving the awards, the brand of SOOCAS have became a major promising investment for the investors. As a well known major investor of many industries, Xiaomi soon joined the list. Xiaomi have been investing and planning for its Xiaomi ecological product chain. And surprisingly, as an investor, Xiaomi also have very high standards for its investments, which is same as SOOCAS's high standard policy on its products. After some interactions and discussion, SOOCAS and Xiaomi believes in each other as a worthy partner, and soon, SOOCAS have became a major member of Xiaomi ecological product chain family, a well renowned product was borned--Mijia electrical toothbrush.
Mijia Electrical Toothbrush
Two successful launch of the products did not slows down the design focus company. SOOCAS insist its concept of “Passion, Focus and Excellence”, keeping the high inputs when comes to R&D, achievements have been made.
One of the well received products of such achievement is SOOCAS C1 ultrasonic toothbrush for children. Besides the innovative bristle head pressure sensor which prevents children from harming themselves when learning toothbrush, it also have many other safety features such as charging dock overheat prevention. 
Bristle head pressure sensor on SOOCAS C1
Also, as the nature of humans, we like to customize our belonging in suits of our liking. SOOCAS C1 has a detachable panel which supports varies style panel for customization.  With the help of SoocasKid, the application developed for SOOCAS C1 which enables many gaming features while learning tooth brushing,  tooth brushing have became enjoyable and fun for kids.
Replaceable front panel for SOOCAS C1
Interactive tooth brushing gaming app, SoocasKids
Besides tooth brushes, the related oral cleaning products within China was still in a vacuum state. Facing this challenge and opportunity, SOOCAS introduced the portable tooth water flosser W3 not long after. For water flosser is an rare species within oral care family and not known by the public, still, it is quite interesting opportunity to see how SOOCAS develop and evolve their brand over the years.
As a design focused brand, SOOCAS have two major development directions: Focus on research and develop of the product with high efficiency, follow the dogma of innovation. Focus on innovation of business model, core technologies's development. With both, the unique culture of the SOOCAS is formed.
Within 3 years after founding(2018), SOOCAS challenges the major players within the oral care industry with its innovative product design and concept, and shows no sign of slowing down or compromise. As how the SOOCAS will perform and where it is heading to, SOOCAS itself is following the path of rethinking and challenging, and only with this nonstop innovation and practicing can makes SOOCAS shine and have a bright future.

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