SOOCAS -- Innovation is the dogma(part 1)

Greetings, fellow adventurers! Let's talk about SOOCAS today, how it started and how are their products.
Let's head back to the time of 2000s era, what is the first thing comes into your mind when thinking about china? Beijing Olympic? Shanghai EXPO? Or, if you remember, low quality bootleg products from china starts flooding into the market. Yes, this sounds racism or unfair. But that was about the time Made in china product starts really shine(Both good and bad ways). Looking back to it from now, it was a dark age of industrial design. Innovation and original designs were mocked as they are not much a strong contender for the deformed market.
After years bombardment of these undesirable bootleg products. A group of people rise and say no to this deformed market with their action while believing the dogma of innovation, SOOCAS was born.
Founded in 2015, Shenzheng, SOOCAS aim to make electrical products that provides both fashionable and high technological design, believe in the dogma of "Design Innovative Products, Details can Change Life".
Researches were made before SOOCAS entering the market of electrical toothbrush. First, electrical toothbrush is the only market that has keep growing for 100% every year in recent years. Most of the products in this market are currently monopolized by huge international companies, and there is an open window for new comers to join in the local competition. There are underestimated potentials in this market.
The ultrasonic magnetic motor powers the toothbrush.
When talking about the performance difference between different electrical toothbrushes, besides the ultrasonic magnetic motor, the other factor is non-metal bristles implant technology.
One of the reasons why the huge international companies are able to monopolize the market is that they have the access to this critical implant technology which most of the small company are not able to develop.
Traditional metal bristle implant (left) vs non-metal bristle implant
Traditional metal bristle implant uses thin copper as the base to implant the bristle to the base of the brush, it is easy, fast to operate and simplicity at its best.
However, due to the fact copper was used, the possibility of the copper being corrode after being use for a long period of time is high and it could be poisoning for human body as it is used on toothbrush. What is suppose to be a healthy habit of brushing teeth is now becoming a slow poisoning. Besides, in order to keep the bristle intact without breaking when implanting with copper, the density of bristle firers have been reduced. The efficiency of tooth brushing have been reduced.
As the bristle fibers are implanted via metal, it is very often to occur that the bristle are in the deformed V shape after implantation. On the other hand, bristle fibers are polished and cut after implanted will cause the inconsistency of fiber top shape and quality, which in the end, damage the tooth surface of the user.
Bristle fiber comparison
Knowing the importance of the non-metal bristle implant technology. SOOCAS spent years of time and resources pursuing it, and finally, they managed to develop the facilities to build the non-metal implant bristle.
This critical improvement of manufacture technology also brings other advances--Higher density of bristle fiber and well polished fiber tip, freedom for designing a well shaped bristle, which is more suitable for the shape of teeth. As the fiber tip was polished before implantation, therefore it can be guaranteed that every single tip are rounded and well polished.
comparison between SOOCAS high-density filaments vs Common round-hole bristles planting
With the manufacture problem being solved, X3 was designed and sold on Xiaomi crowdfunding platform(similar to kickstarter) in 2016.
Using X3 as the foundation, SOOCAS officially enters the market. As the sales of X3 was well and the good feedback from the market, SOOCAS quickly became the "the best personal care electrical product" among the user in china. With X3, SOOCAS recevied the IF Design Award in 2018, X3 became a well critical claimed product in both the market and the design industry.
SOOCAS products received IF Design Award 2018
With the great opening, where will SOOCAS heading to?
Next, we will talk about how SOOCAS is related to Xiaomi and how they received the IF Design Award.
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